3 Tips for Wearing a Lapel Flower

Just like ties, cufflinks and pocket squares, what a man chooses to pin on his lapel speaks a lot about his sense of style and confidence. The lapel flower is more versatile than ever, adding that finishing touch to your accomplished, debonair look.


Think you’re out of your league? We will provide you with 3 tips you need to know about lapel flowers!

1. It is always the right occasion to rock a Lapel Flower

For most men, the only time they feel it is acceptable to don on a lapel flower is during white or black collar events, like weddings, proms, or opening night. However, we’ve seen this mindset slowly diminishing as more and more men are comfortable in displaying their unique individualism.

There is no right or wrong time to pull out this fantastic accessory. In fact, it is as popular a choice for casual looks as it is for formal attire. Lapel flowers are an ideal addition to a suit to enhance the outfit. From the office to date night, don’t be afraid to show off the right lapel flower.

2. It is the perfect way to spruce up your outfit

Admittedly so, lapel flowers and button pins seem like a minor accessory. However, when worn and displayed correctly, it will do wonders to transform your outfit. Make sure you choose wisely. Style experts offer the following tips:

  • The trick with accessorizing is focusing on the “less is more” rule. With the addition of too many metals, you’re risking an unfashionable clash.
  • Understand how accessories complement each other. Our personal choice is the perfect combination of a lapel flower with a complementary, NOT matching, pocket square and tie. Anything more than that should be chosen carefully for fear of over accessorizing.
  • Don’t limit your lapel flowers to coats; try them on with shirts for a more casual look.

3. Express Yourself

Think the only way to express yourself in a suit or blazer is deciding between a striped button down shirt or a solid button down shirt? Wrong! Lapel flowers and button pins come in so many different sizes, colors, shapes, patterns, prints- they make every outfit look different! You can also have custom accessories made to match your favorite shirt, tie, pocket square, socks…anything!

Don’t be afraid to start wearing a lapel flower. Start small, with a button lapel pin. It’s a subtle detail that will allow you to be noticed without making too much of a fashion statement. Then work your way up to brighter and bigger pins and flowers. There’s no reason to save these accessories for special occasions. You can make every outfit into an outstanding ensemble with just a few simple tricks!

May 08, 2015 by Shannon Martin
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