Buttoning Up The Details- 4 Reasons Your Pocket Square Needs A Button

4 Reasons Your Pocket Square Needs a Button The Detailed Male Blog Post

Though technically a pocket square is a small in size detail, it can speak volumes.  When you get dressed every morning and stick that pocket square in the breast pocket of your jacket, it's because you already know how to wear a pocket square.  It is an extension of your expression.  No matter how you wear your pocket square, it is an interpretation of you. 

But have you ever considered why you should wear a pocket square with a button on it?  If not, here are 4 reasons why the next pocket square you buy needs to have a button.

1. Functionality

Have you ever purchased a beautiful pocket square, chosen the perfect outfit to wear it with, headed out the door….and spent the rest of the night trying to subtly pull it up and out of your pocket so that you get a little credit for your impressive find?  When you wear a pocket square with a button, it acts as a little lifesaver for your pocket square.  You simply slide the edge of the button over the lip of your breast pocket and voila!  The pocket square stays in place literally all day long.  You don’t even have to think about it- you can just know that it is peeking out perfectly.

2.  Complementary

When you are fully dressed, head to toe, in an exquisite combination of pants, blazer, shirt, tie, socks, tie bar, pocket square, cuff links…did I leave anything out?  Oh yes…the shoes and belt.  Why do these accessories sometimes get over looked?  How is this even possible?  When you have a button on your pocket square, it can help draw the eye to these overlooked but necessary additions.  Many pocket squares have a leather button, and when the button matches the leather of your belt and shoes, the most polished outcome is achieved.

3.  Surprise

Black suit.  Black Shoes.  White Shirt.  Grey Tie.  Sometimes it can be difficult to add color day to day, especially if you are in a situation where you need to look “serious”.  But what if you are heading to meet friends for dinner immediately after your meeting?  The quickest way to add a pop of color to a drab look?  Throw in a pocket square with a colorful button and you are done.  Just like that.  Many button pocket squares have a quite entertaining button, and that little addition of color or pattern will go a long way.

4.  Exclusivity

Do you see many pocket squares with a button? Neither do I. We never feel like more of an individual then when we are part of a group.  So be in the group of dapper men who won’t leave the house without a pocket square tucked into your pocket.  But do stand our from the crowd by adorning yourself with an accent that will set you apart, and a pocket square with a button is sure to do just that.

Always wear a pocket square.  Definitely wear one with a button.

April 04, 2017 by Shannon Martin
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