The Detailed Male was created in 2013 as a modern men’s accessory brand. With a BA in Fashion Design and years in the industry, founder Shannon Martin saw a void in the men’s fashion market. Men have been taking increasingly more pride in their appearance, and there were only so many ways to accessorize a bespoke suit or a custom made blazer.
Part of what makes The Detailed Male unique is that each accessory is designed, not just made. Fabrics are studied, edge colors are contemplated, and buttons are carefully considered. Each accessory is methodically planned out. These deliberate details are the qualities that make The Detailed Male pocket squares, lapel flowers, and lapel button pins true Distinguished Bespoke Accoutrements.
Finishing touches to a man’s look should not be an afterthought- neither in design, nor outfitting. Accessories turn a good suit into an outstanding ensemble.